About the guardian program

We love them first. You love them forever

We have a different approach when it comes to our program, we believe each of our breeding dogs deserves their own loving family over the course of their breeding careers with Goldendoodles of Miami. In our Guardian Home program, the guardian family will raise, train and love a GOM dog throughout its breeding career, and then when he/she retires, they will remain your loved family pet! If you’re interested in participating in our Guardian Home program, the information below is curated to help you determine if you’d be a good match. 

The Process

At GoldenDoodles of Miami, our puppies come from health certified background. Breeding healthy, well tempered Goldendoodles is our priority, and only dogs with exceptional temperaments will be allowed in our breeding program.

For a female dog...

For a female dog, she will visit us throughout the year to make sure she is familiar with our family, to be tested, and to breed with a male dog. She will also need to stay with us 1 week before her litter is due and until the puppies are weaned at approximately 6 weeks. Afterwards, she will return to your home and reconnect with the family (and treats) she knows and loves. A guardian female will have no more than four litters over the course of her breeding career, and we will cover all costs associated with breeding, birthing, and raising her puppies. 

For a male dog...

For a male dog, we will need to take him home with us for approved pairings, sometimes within just an hour’s notice. We will also need to access the Guardian dog at all times for reproductive related veterinary appointments.

Upon the dog’s retirement, we will cover the cost of having them spayed or neutered. Most females retire near four years old, while males need to be available a bit longer. Then they will remain in your home permanently as your beloved companion pet!


Take the dog to all necessary vet and grooming appointments

For breeding females, you must live within a two hour drive of Miami, FL

For breeding males, you must live within a one hour drive of Miami, FL

Keep the dog as an indoor pet, have a fenced-in yard, and always leash for outdoor ventures

Puppy must attend a puppy manners course or a series of obedience classes prior to 6 months of age in order to help promote the socialization process

Maintain a schedule that does not require you to leave the dog home alone for long periods of time

Commit to good healthcare and feed the dog GOM approved, high-quality dog food, We feed Purina Pro Plan, Lamb and Rice exclusively

Know the behaviors associated with intact male and female dogs (AKA recognize when an unneutered /unspayed dog is ready to breed)

Understand that the dog is the property of Goldendoodles of Miami until their breeding career is completed, and that we will transfer ownership documentation to you only after they are spayed or neutered

Communication is key to a successful Guardian relationship. You must maintain an open line of communication with us about the dog's health, development, and condition at all times

Provide the dog with lots of love and affection!













the benefits OF BEING


These pick of the litter puppies come at no cost to you! As “payment”, we ask that you raise him/her to our loving standards and commit to our methods of care and training during our Guardianship partnership


You will receive a fully health tested dog that meets the highest standards.

Share in the excitement of seeing your dog’s offspring go on to make a difference in other people’s lives as loving family pets, therapy dogs, and service dogs


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